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History Department

The History Department of our College has been functioning since the inception of the college in 1969.At present there are three numbers in the department.
Dr.V.K.Mohan,M.A,M.Phil,Ph.D, Ex Principal,
Sri M.Dasu,Lecturer,
Sri Y.Sambasiva Rao,Lecturer.
Sri K.Benjamin,Lecturer(Part time).
The founder Principal of our college has been a lecturer in History and hence associated with the department. He received best teacher award from the State Governament.He served as Principal till 1983 and then as correspondent of our College.He also worked as correspondent and secretary till 1998.Sri C.Apparao,Sri M.Bhaskara Rao,Sri Ch.Harshawardhana Rao,Sri P.Prabhakar and Sri Y.Rajaram also served our department.
This is the college, where history, as a great humanizing force has been recognized and given due place in the academic studies in the college.Our college has hosted the prestigious Andhra pradesh History congress 11th session on 5th&6th January 1987.A number of distinguished people like Proof.Irfan Habeeb, Chairman of I.C.H.R, Prof D.N.Jha of Delhi University,Dr.V.V.Krishna Sastry,Director of Archaeology,Dr M.L.Nigam, Curator of Salarjung Museum,Prof N.G.Ranga, Parliamentarian,Kisan leader,Prof V.Ramakrishna, Central University,Prof M.Krishna Kumari of Andra University, Prof S.Nagaraju of Central University, Dr K.Subramanyam ,Deputy Director of Higher Education and more than hundred delegates participated in that conference.


Our College has also hosted the third and sixth session of Guntur District History Association. Eminent scholars like Prof Dada Abdul Baker of Myduguri University, Nigeria, Prof P.Ramalakshmi, Prof D.B.Murthy, Prof. V.S.sastry of Nagarjuna University participated in the sessions.
Our Library is stocked with some choicest collection of Books on art and Architecture, on ancient, medieval and modern history and the liberal arts. There are 1200 books in English and 400 books in Telugu ,we are subscribing to two Magazines -Marg and Bharathi. These are very valuable to both the staff and the students. In addition we have established a Museum in 1987 where the sculptures and artifacts from Mohanjadaro to Vijayanagar are displayed along with photos of Temples and Stupas, reprints of Mughal, Rajasthan paintings are kept .The display to the students and the public aims at fostering a deep interest in our cultural heritage.

We are using visual aids like the slide projector, the Epidiascope, maps and charts. We focus the paintings ,sculptures, monuments etc on a screen and explain them for the students .we find this interesting, impressive and useful.

Another salient feature of the dept is the study tours .Every year the students of B.A. go on a study tour to historically important places like Hampi, Mahanandi, Golkonda, Hanumakonda, Warangal, Mahabalipuram, Kanchi etc. Such tours enable them to have a proper understanding of history and their learning does not remain bookish. Most of the lecturers and teachers working in the coastal area of Guntur are our former students. Under COHSSIP of UGC we surveyed the monuments in Guntur district and a report covering all aspects was published.

Sri P.Prabhakar former lecturer of our Department has taken an active part in the extension activities like Janmabhoomi and during his tenure the college was awarded a cash prize of Rs-2,00000/- by the government of Andhra Pradesh, thus bringing laurels to the college.

Dr.V.K.Mohan achievements are ..

Teacher Fellowship : U.G.C., F.I.P., 1988 – 89.

Co – Ordinator : U.G.C., COHSSIP, 1984 – 89.

Research Guide : Nagarjuna University appointed as research guide for
M.Phil, and Ph.D. Scholars.
Research Projects : 1. Temples of Pakanadu, I.C.H.R., 1992 – 94.
completed 2. Extensions of Cola Art and Architecture :Telugu
Colas of Nellore – a case study, U.G.C.,1994 – 96.
3. Urban and Rural Interaction – A case study of South
Coastal Andhra, BC 300 – AD.1300, I.C.H.R., 1997 – 99.
4. Art and Architecture of the Temples of Velanadu,
U.G.C.2000 – 02.

Books Published : 1. Art and Architecture of the Telugu Cola Temples,
New Delhi, 1995.
2. Paper I, Indian History up to 1526 A.D., B.A. I Year,
Lesson Writer, Centre for Distance Education
Nagarjuna Universiry (N.U), 1992.
3. Paper II, Indian History from 1526 A.D., B.A. II Year,
Lesson Writer & Editor, Centre for
Distance Education, N.U.,1993.
4. Paper III, History of Modern Europe, B.A. III Year,
Lesson Writer & Editor,Centre for Distance
5. Paper IV, Indian Archaeology with reference to
Andhra., B.A. III Year, Lesson writer, Centre for
Distance Education, N.U., 2005.
6. Paper IV, History of U.S.A., B.A. III Year, Lesson
Writer, Centre for Distance Education, N.U., 2005.
7. Paper IV, History of Modern Andhra, B.A. III year Lesson Writer, Centre for Distance Education,
N.U., 2005.
8. M.A., History I Year Paper I, History of India up to
1206 A.D. , Lesson Writer, Centre for Distance
Education, Acharya Nagarjuna University (A.N.U), 2003.
9. M.A., History I Year Paper II, History of Andhras
up to 1336 A.D., Lesson Writer, Centre for
Distance Education, A.N.U., 2004.
10. M.A., History I Year Paper III, History of South
India (1336 – 1765), Lesson Writer, Centre for
Distance Education, A.N.U., 2003.
11. M.A., History I Year Paper IV, History of Modern
Europe (1789 – 1919), Lesson Writer, Centre for
Distance Education, A.N.U., 2004.
12. M.A., History II Year Paper I, History of India– II
( Mughals and Marathas ), Lesson Writer, Centre for
Distance Education, A.N.U., 2005.
13. M.A., History II Year Paper II, Social and Economic
History of Modern India, Lesson Writer, Centre for
Distance Education, A.N.U., 2005.
14. M.A., History II Year Paper III, Historical Method with
special reference to Indian History,Lesson Writer Centre
for Distance Education, A.N.U., 2004.
15. M.A., History II Year Paper IV, History of contemporary
World, Lesson Writer, Centre for Distance Education,
A.N.U., 2004.
16. M.A., History II Year Paper V,History of Modern ndhra,
Lesson Writer,Centre for Distance Education,
17. Intermediate I year, History, Lesson Writer, V.G.S.,
Vijayawada, 2005.
18. Intermediate II Year, History, Lesson Writer, V.G.S.,
Vijayawada, 2005.
19. Comprehensive History and Culture of Guntur District,
Lesson Writer & Editor, Guntur District History
Association, 2004.

National Seminars attended : 1. Temples of South India, U.G.C., Karaikudi, 1989.
2. Kakatiya Art and Architecture, U.G.C., Telugu
University, Srisailam, 1991.
3. Major trends in Urbanisation of Andhra, U.G.C., Telugu
University, Srisailam, 1994.

Workshops Attended : 1. Telugu Academy Books, Review, B.I.E., Guntur, 1974.
2. Society and Economy of the Deccan, University of
Hyderabad U.G.C. Sponsored, 1987.

Seminars Conducted
at Nagaram : 1. Challenge of Education – A Policy Perspective, U.G.C.
1985, Coordinator.
2. Secular Traditions in Indian History – A case study of
Madras Presidency, I.C.H.R., 1995, Coordinator.
3. Social Sciences : Utility and their future, 2001,
A.P.History Congress, Coordinator.

Research Papers Published : 1. A stupa slab in S.V.R.M.College Museum, A.P.H.C.
Proceedings, 1987.
2. Manthena Venkata Raju – As freedom fighter, A.P.H.C.
Proc., 1988.
3. Nature of Agricultural products in Bapatla Taluq,
A.P.H.C. Proc., 1989.
4. Temple Architecture in Pakanadu, A.P.H.C.Proc., 1991.
5. Vaisnava Iconography in Pakanadu, A.P.H.C.Proc., 1993.
6. Saivite temples of Pakanadu, A.P.H.C.Proc., 1994.

7. The contribution of Velagapudi family of Bellamvari
Palem to the society of CostalAndhra,
8. Temples of Velanadu, A.P.H.C. Proc., 1999.
9. Temples of Gundlakamma Region, A.P.H.C. Proc., 2000.
10. Srikakulesvara temple at Srikakulam – A study,
A.P.H.C. Proc., 2001.
11. Temples of Guddivadinadu, A.P.H.C. Proc., 2002.
12. Some aspects of Freedom Movement in Andhra,
Indian History Congress Proc., 1987.
13. Nature of Agricultural products in Repalle Taluq,
I.H.C. Proc., 1988.
14. Role of Mantena Venkata Raju in Propogating Congress
Ideology, I.H.C. Proc., 1990.
15. Extensions of Cola hegemony in Nellore Region and
growth of temples, I.H.C. Proc., 1990.
16. A rare Sculpture of Dvisuparna, I.H.C. Proc., 1999.
17. The Kakatiya Temples at Motupalli, T.U., 1991.
18. Urbanisation of Nellore Region, T.U., 1994.
Articles Published
1. Buddhist and Jain Centers of Andhra, Dr.
P.V.Parabrahma Sastry Felicitation Volume, Delhi, 2004.
2. Dvasuparna image from Krishnapatnam, Nellore District,
Prof. M.Radha Krishna Sarma Felicitation Volume,
Hyderabad, 2004.
3. The Spread of Temples in Velanadu region during
medieval times, Prof R.Soma Reddy Felicitation Volume,
New Delhi, 2005.
4. Temples in the region of Krishna river, Srisaila Prabha,
Srisailam, 2004.
5. Reddi Rajula Daanagunam, Reddi Patrika,
Hyderabad, 2003.
6. Temples Constructed by Reddi Kings, Reddi Patrika,
Hyderabad, 2004.
7. Role of Reddis in the Development of Telingana Region,
Reddi Patrika, Hyderabad, 2004.
8. Impact of Temples on the Society in Medieval Period,
Guntur Vaibhavam, Amaravathi Festival, Guntur, 2002.
Member : Board of Studies, Acharya Nagarjuna University.

Paper setter for Degree : Appointed as Degree Question paper setter by A.U.,
S.V.U., and S.K.D.U.

Local Secretary : 1. A.P.History Congress, 11th session, Nagaram, 1987.
2. Guntur District Association, 3rd session, Nagaram, 1997.
3. Guntur District Association, 6th session, Nagaram, 2001.
Association with
Organizations : 1. Life Member, Guntur District History Association.
2. President, Guntur District History Association
(from 1994)
3. Life Member, A.P.History Congress.
4. Joint Secretary, A.P.History Congress.
(1987 – 88 & 2000 – 03 )
5. Executive Member, A.P. History Congress (1988 – 89)
6. Member, Indian History Congress.

Achievements : 1. Archaeological Museum established in S.V.R.M. College,
Nagaram with U.G.C. Aid. In 1987.
2. Established Guntur District History Association in 1994.