• 1. To provide proper training to rural youth of this region.
    2. To design academic programmes through which the learner fits to global necessity.
    3. To create and promote, brain storm skills of creativity and innovation inherent in young minds.
    4. A sound value education system instilling the values of hard work, discipline and service mindedness.
    5. To impart holistic education based on ethical values of Truth, Love, God. It enables the learners to develop as intellectually mature morally upright, socially responsible and spiritually inspired leaders to serve the society.


  • Expelling Darkness Ignorance from the minds of human beings by providing real education on the basis of divine principles, Truth, Love and God. (Tamasoma jyothirgamaya)

Key Contacts
  • Principal                                         :    principal@svrmc.edu.in

  • Controller of Examinations         :    coe@svrmc.edu.in

  • Placements                                    :    placements@svrmc.edu.in

  • College                                           :    info@svrmc.edu.in

  • RTI Act                                           :    rtiact@svrmc.edu.in