The internal system of our college runs on certain standards cherished in our college emblem. That is obviously manifested in all folds like admission of students, execution of our class work, examinations etc. The motto of the establishment of our college, indeed, is being fulfilled by serving the poor, deprived and educationally backward sections of our area. To meet our targets we have adopted the following practices.

    1. Mechanism adopted for Internal quality checks:

    To monitor the academic affairs we have constituted an academic council with all the Heads of the departments. The council meets every month to discuss academic matters such as status of syllabi covered, monthly tests, maintenance of teaching diaries, preparations of synopsis, question banks, etc. The performance of the council is periodically checked by the Principal.

    2. Stock Verification:

    The stock verification committees have been constituted for annual verification of stock in all departments to give report.

    3. Discipline:

    The discipline among the students in the college campus and the hostel premises is well looked after by the Discipline Committee comprising senior lecturers.

    4. Teacher - guardianship system:

    Batches of students are under the rigorous supervision of their class teachers concerned throughout the academic year. Class teachers are responsible for the better result in their attendance, academic progress and discipline. They also look after the welfare of the students allotted.

    5. Students Union:

    The unique feature of our college is its method of the formation of the students union based on merit since the inception of the college in 1969.

    6. Endowment Prizes:

    There are number of endowment prizes to encourage the bright and brilliant students by the elite.

    7. Alumni:

    To gear up old students activities concerned with college development the Alumni was established long back. Old students home is an illustrious contribution of them.

    8. Staff Quarters:

    The provision of staff quarters is an asset of our college in this rural atmosphere. Lecturers are available for the students round the clock.

    9. Hostels:

    We have both boys and girls hostels. Staff members regularly visit the hostels during study hours and clarify their doubts.

    10. Seminars by Experts:

    Considerable number of Seminars have been conducted by inviting renowned subject experts. Students have taken important role in such activities. They have got enriched with study tours.

    11. Personality Development:

    A pack of literary activities are performed all times in and around. Our college encourages our student community to improve themselves. To organize these activities Literary association has been constituted.

    12. Fine Arts:

    The Fine Arts association functions to churn out the hidden skills of the students in fine arts.

    13. Remedial classes:

    Our college always provides a room for remedial coaching during the zero hour i.e., 9 to 10 am and 5 to 6 pm for academically poor students.

    14. Library:

    The phenomenal site of our college campus is our Library, a hexagonally based symmetrical structure surrounded with a spectacular gardens. The big and beautiful structure invites the visitors and all the inmates to have the pleasure of reading thousands of books and acquiring knowledge.

    15. Computer Center:

    Our Computer lab with multiple systems and internet facility is a good piece of information center.

    16. Museums:

    Our Zoology, Botany and History departments have well equipped and well maintained museums.

    17. Civic Responsibility:

    NCC, NSS & NGC cultivate the civic responsibility apart from academic benefits.

    18. Self Finance Courses:

    Introduction of self finance courses like B.Sc., Computers , Electronics, M.Sc. Chemistry, Physics is a welcome change to provide more courses to our rural youth.

    19. Professional Development Programmes:

    Our Lecturers are attentive in finding new areas of knowledge through Seminars, Workshops , Refresher courses, Orientation programmes and FIP’s to impart the best education to the students.

    20. Sports:

    We have got a big play ground and two more semi play grounds. To our pride we have a massive indoor stadium. Our college is a place for University level sports competitions.

    21. Guidance Cell:

    Through the career guidance cell we pave the path to show the best opportunities for the employment.

    22. MOU’S with Industries and Research organizations:

    The college has linkage with a few national agencies for its academic activities and research.

    23. Value based education:

    The college invites eminent persons from the society for value based lecturers to the students.

    24. Linkages:

    The college has collaboration with a number of organizations for its academic and education activities.

    25. Team Work:

    All the staff members work with team spirit and decisions are taken unanimously.

    26. I.C.T.:

    The college provides information relating to academic and other services to users .

    27. Promotion of Skills:

    The department of English is doing its best to promote communication skills among the students.

    28. Personal profiles of students:

    Each department maintains personal profiles of students in order to establish contacts with his/her parents and to monitor his/her progress in the light of his background.