Evaluation Blue Print

    Under autonomy status, the college opts semester pattern. Each academic year has two semesters.
    Each semester has two mid term examinations, to assess the academic performance of the students.
    At the end of the each semester, semester end examination will be conducted

    Each paper totaling 100 marks, spread into

    Attendence                                   5 marks

    Overall performence                   5 marks

    Mid Term examinations             20 marks

    Semester end examinations      70 marks

    1.The mid term examination answer scripts are valued by the concerned lecturer. The semester end examination scripts are valued by external examiners from other colleges.

    2.Examinations dates are given in the academic calendar. Examination time table in displayed on students notice board well in advance.

    3.Syllabus, Questions paper pattern are communicated to the students well in advance.

    4.Results are made available to the teachers for analysis and necessary action.

    5.Results are declared normally within 30 days, as for as possible.

Controller of Examinations: Dr.K.Surendrababu
Additional Controller of Examinations: Dr G.Hanumantha Rao
Additional Controller of Examinations: K.V.N.R.Sai Krishna