The Architects of our College
    In our country to think of an institution is largely to think of a person behind it, who has nourished it, sustained it, shaped it and strengthened it by giving his best, and inspiring others to give their best to it as well. Such was Dr.N.V.Krishna Rao to S.V.R.M.College,Nagaram. Dr.N.V.Krishna Rao of Repalle Taluk was a reputed doctor, well-known philanthropist, a social worker, friend and patron of all worthy causes. Sri V.Ramakrishna and his family found in him the needed dreamer and devoted worker to whom the task of nurturing the institution of learning could be safely entrusted. He was known and respected for his integrity and honesty in Repalle Taluk. It was true, that only because of him, the committee could raise 5 ½ lakhs of rupees as donations from the public for the College. He worked day and night for it. He was the member of Executive Committee and ultimately the founder Secretary and Correspondent of our College.

    Dr. N.V.Krishna Rao
    was singularly fortunate enough to have an amiable, understanding and efficient Principal Sri K.Umavaramurthy to face the challenge of the birth and growth of this young sapling. Sri K.Umavara Murthy, a Principal from a Govt. college on deputation has a tender heart, humanitarian outlook and keen interest in literature and art. His latent qualities of idealism and academic vision blended together turned him into a perfect administrator. He visualized correctly that a rural institution like ours survives only by its academic achievements.

    These two eminent persons of distinctive stature laid a sound foundation of this reputed college. The proud record of our College over the years with a rich tradition of discipline and sincerity of learning revealed their memorable services and sacrifices.