A Rich Tradition of discipline and learning
    The future of an institution is evident from the founders and architects of that institution. The ideals of them sanction a bright future. Our founder Secretary and Correspondent Sri N.V.Krishna Rao believed that only men of character and competence could promote excellence in what ever they did. He did not interfere and did not allow others to interfere with the selection process in the matter of appointment of our College staff and left it entirely to the interviewing committee composed of experts. The first Principal shared his views and they two were extremely happy to have a band of devoted and enthusiastic lecturers who completely identified themselves with the fortunes of the institution. The management gave all they could by the way of buildings, laboratories, furniture and equipment, quarters for staff, hostel for students. It was then the task of the teachers to mould the institution after their hearts desire and discharge the main function namely impart education. But Dr. N.V.Krishna Rao and Sri K. Umavaramurthy together believed that without discipline no worthwhile academic work was possible. They took certain steps in this direction.