Great Benefactors
    In many countries, certain families played a distinguished role in the political, economic and social affairs. Such were the Bush family in recent times in the U.S.A, and the Nehru and the Gandhi families in our country. Similarly the Velagapudi family had played a pioneering role in the economic life of coastal Andhra districts. Sri V. Ramakrishna was the man who started the family on its journey to fame, fortune and popularity.

    Sri Velagapudi Ramakrishna
    was singularly fortunate in his children. His daughter Smt.P.Rajeswary Ramakrishnan is a person of many gifts and eminent in her own right. Her father moulded her in his image. She was fortunate in her marriage as she was married into a family of industrialists of Coimbatore. Ever busy in administering and guiding many industries, acquiring power and glory, Smt. P.Rajeswary Ramakrishnan never forgot her father, nor the village, she came from. After her father’s death she came forward and gave full support to the Repalle Taluk Educational Improvement Society headed by Dr. N.V.Krishna Rao to redeem the pledge of her father. She became the permanent President of the Executive Committee of the Society.

    Sri V.L. Dutt
    is a true heir to that distinguished Velagapudi family and its traditions. He had his higher education in England and inherited from his father entre-preneurial talents, innovative wisdom, daring dynamism and clarity of vision. He knew the end of wealth is ultimately happiness and well being of people. Like his father, he is a man of vision. To perpetuate his father’s memory he donated to educational institutions that amounted to crores of rupees. Fortunately ours is one of them. He is the permanent member of our college Executive Committee. Sri P.R. Ramakrishnan, husband of Smt. P.Rajeswary Ramakrishnan is the son of Late V.Rangaswami Naidu known as the father of Textile Industry in Coimbatore. He was the pioneer of varied industries.